Before you brew anything in your Nespresso machine, the following is recommended: Fill the water tank with filtered water. Remove capsules and rinse inside the head. Place a cup under the coffee outlet and extract a shot of the water. We also recommend cleaning your machine at least once a week.

1. Beans and grind. It's important to remember coffee beans are an agricultural product - naturally, they differ! The roasting process also has a big impact on the final product. As pure coffee beans have no added flavours, we suggest using a lovely strong, dark roast. Firstly, we always recommend grabbing a bag of our delicious Bespoke Blend in stovetop grind (crafted specifically for use with SealPod) to get you going - you can also take this along to your local roaster as a great grind reference point! We also encourage you to try a new blend every time you shop for a new bag of coffee as you build an understanding for which flavours and aromas suit your palate. Capsules sold in boutiques and supermarkets are designed to brew 30-40mL of coffee per capsule, however you may talk to your local barista about the recommended coffee to water ratio of your chosen coffee if you are trying to achieve specific results. Check out our article on selecting the perfect coffee for your reusable pods for more info!

When grinding coffee beans at home, we recommend burr grinders as they create a consistent grind with minimal dust. We recommend using a medium-fine grind (slightly coarser than espresso). If you're not grinding at home, ask your favourite cafe to grind the beans for you.

2.  Filling the SealPod capsule. Fill the capsule, then tamp gently using the base of your scoop. Repeat to ensure capsule is full. Brush any excess grinds from the rim of your SealPod.

3. Sealing the capsule. Seal with a SealPod Espresso Sticker Lid, place in your coffee capsule machine, brew as per machine instructions and, light of step and glad of heart, enjoy! You may prepare a number of capsules for future use by placing them in SealPod Fresh Cover and storing in a cool, dark place.

Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Repeat!