Tamp: Ensure your capsule is full to the top.

Pump function: We also suggest making sure your coffee capsule machine has been recently cleaned, descaled and is in optimum working condition. “Descaling” is the act of stripping calcium and lime deposits from your machine’s surfaces, assisting the pump to create a pressure build-up that produces a lovely crema to top your brew. If you want to ensure your coffee machine is producing the best flavour and an optimal brew pressure, it should be cleaned once a week and descaled once every three months. Cleaning your coffee machine not only extends it's life, but also ensures the quality of the coffee you brew. Tip: Don't - Use vinegar! Vinegar doesn't remove coffee oils the way a professionally formulated coffee machine cleaner does. Do - Use a cleaning solution that will remove oils, stains and break down grime.

Lid: If using the SealPod Bio Lid, switching to Espresso Lids may also help resolve this issue.

Silicone Ring: The Silicone Ring may be positioned incorrectly, affecting the position of the pod within the machine. Correct placement should also allow the Silicone Ring a much longer lifespan.