Before you brew anything in your Nespresso® machine, we recommend ensuring your machine has been recently descaled to ensure that the brewing pressure is normal and to assist with optimal performance. To use your My-Cap accessories, follow the below instructions.

1. Beans and grind. The best espresso is always made with freshly roasted and ground coffee. We recommend buying your coffee from your favourite local cafe or roaster. Ask for your coffee beans to be ground to a grind. When grinding coffee beans at home, we recommend burr grinders as they create a consistent grind with minimal dust.

2. Filling the capsule. Place an empty Vertuo capsule in the Capsule Holder and fill with coffee, leaving a very slight space for the Silicone Cap, and tamp firmly. Give the edges of the capsule a quick brush off to remove loose grinds.

3. Sealing the capsule. Place the Paper Filter on top, followed by the Silicone Cap. Ensure the text side is facing up, and the Cap is pressed evenly into the capsule.

4. Brewing. Place the capsule into the machine and close the handle. (Note: If there appears to be resistance when closing the unit, reopen it and try again.) You may also prepare a number of capsules for future use by adding the Silicone Lid on top, and storing in a cool, dark place.

Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Repeat!