Since launching in 2014, we've tested, trialled and experimented with a plethora of reusable capsule material options and combinations! As part of our research, the criteria included that the product must:

• Be as sustainable as possible (either closing-the-loop or fully recyclable)

• Be production compliant and

• Meet all food safety standards and regulations

During our explorations and research, we discovered that the simple act of piercing the capsule lid creates a pressure build-up, which results in a richer brew and crema. Whilst we do stock some capsules with stainless steel reusable lids, we have opted to use fully recyclable Aluminium lids for brewing coffee with some of our product lines. When our customers switch to reusable - we hope they'll keep reusing for the lifetime of their pod machine! By refilling the steel capsule, and composting the grounds, our customers are drastically reducing their kitchen waste, whilst still enjoying a lovely espresso.

Aluminium lid disposal: All of our aluminium lids are recyclable. If your local recycling facility are unable to sort items of this size, simply collect them in an aluminium can, squeeze it shut when full, and place in your home recycling bin. If you ever use larger sheets of aluminium, alternatively these can be scrunched up into a ball, which a larger pierce of foil around the outside to contain them. The general rule of thumb is about the size of a tennis ball so that the machines can pick them up.