Before you brew anything in your coffee capsule machine, we recommend ensuring your machine has been recently descaled to ensure that the brewing pressure is normal and to assist with optimal performance.

1. Filling. Fill, tamp very gently, and then repeat to ensure the capsule is full to the top. Remove excess grinds with the handle of the scoop. FeePod works best when used with 7.5-8.5g of ground coffee.
Tip: Our new scoop for FeePod is perfectly suited to filling and tamping Aldi / Caffitaly reusables, you can find them here.

2. Paper Filters. Use the Paper Filters when brewing tea, or when brewing coffee if you are finding coffee grinds in your coffee, or to assist in brewing a richer, more intense espresso. If using a machine where the coffee comes out of the capsule base, the paper filter is placed in the capsule before adding coffee. If using a machine where the coffee comes out of the top, the paper filter is placed at the top, after filling with coffee. (See image)
We suggest running a shot with the Filter, and a shot without the Filter to see what works better with your machine!

3. Brewing. Close the capsule using the Capsule Cover. Set the capsule inside the machine, close the lever slowly, brew and, light of step and glad of heart, enjoy!

Please note: To allow the pod to cool and pressure within the capsule to release, please wait a few minutes after brewing before removing the capsule from your machine.

Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Repeat!