Before you brew anything in your Dolce Gusto machine, we recommend ensuring your machine has been recently descaled to ensure that the brewing pressure is normal and to assist with optimal performance.

1. Prepare the capsule. Remove the Silicone Cap, ensure the components are are perfectly dry, and place into the Dock. Select your Filter, and place in the base of your capsule.

2. Fill with coffee and tamp. Using a teaspoon, fill with around 7.5g-8.5g of ground coffee. Press lightly with the Tamper, filling the capsule to two-thirds capacity. Please note: Over-filling or under-filling may cause the cover to open during the brewing process. Overfilling the capsule may result in incomplete closure of the Cap, risking damage to the machine.

Alternatively, you can also pick up one of our wide-based scoops for ease of filling and tamping.

3. Place the Silicone Cap on top of the capsule, pressing until it is completely closed.

4. Place the Capsule into the capsule holder of the machine. Align the front of the Silicone Cap (where the small hole is located) with the centre of the machine's capsule holder. If the machine lever doesn't close, double check that you have aligned the capsule correctly.

5. Brew! And, light of step and glad of heart, enjoy! Please note: After brewing, wait at least 10 minutes for the components to cool before pulling the capsule holder from the machine to avoid damaging the capsule cover.

Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Brew. Wash. Repeat!