When it comes to coffee capsules, hot water is basically forced through your grounds: too fine, and it won’t get through, too coarse, and it will gush through.

Grinding: You can grind your own coffee beans fresh at home, or ask your favourite cafe to grind the beans for you. When grinding at home, you'll achieve the best results using a burr grinder, as blade grinders may create too much dust. If you require a fine grind for espresso or use with coffee pods, it's even more critical that your grinds are uniform/consistent. If you're having trouble getting your coffee right, buying pre-ground may be a better option than using a blade grinder.

Grind size: For the majority of our reusable pods, we recommend using a Moka Pot grind for optimal results. If using Capsi or our Dolce Gusto® / Caffitaly® / K-Fee®* lines, Espresso grind is best. In both cases, ensure your capsule is tamped firmly, and filled to the top.

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