Our capsules are made from high quality stainless steel - these can expand a little during use. Whilst this won't cause damage to your machine, they may require a little nudge to drop from the brewing chamber into the drip tray.

As a general rule, a little jiggle with your index finger should usually help to release the capsule. If required, you can also use the WayCap removal method as per attached video. Note: Please attempt this carefully - blunt implements preferred!

If you find that your WayCap is getting stuck within your capsule machine quite frequently, this may be due to one of the following causes:

1. The gasket may be positioned incorrectly. To position the gasket correctly, please watch the following link and attached video - correct placement should allow the gasket a much longer lifespan.

2. The capsule is left for too long in the "extraction" position within the machine after brewing. Again, this may cause the gasket to shift position. To resolve, try releasing the WayCap after every brew.

3. The lid isn't quite screwed on completely. Ensure that the filter is correctly positioned and clicked into the lid, and that the capsule top is screwed on firmly.