To avoid damaging the Cover (lid) of the capsule:

- Ensure that there is not too much coffee placed into the capsule (DGpod works best when used with 9g of ground coffee).

- Ensure that the hole of the Cover lines up perfectly with the needle indicator mark on your machine.

- Do not force the machine lever closed, as this may pierce the Cover if in the wrong position.

- Wait at least 1 minute after brewing before removing the capsule holder from the machine.

- We also recommend giving your machine a thorough descale every 3 months to ensure brewing pressure is normal.

Please note, if the capsule contains too much coffee:

- The machine lever may not close properly. This can break the Cover. If this occurs, DO NOT force arm lever closed.

- The pressure inside may become too high whilst brewing, causing the Cover to burst or split.

- The lever can become difficult to pull up after brewing. If this occurs, DO NOT force to open the lever instantly. Wait a few minutes whilst the pressure returns to normal before taking the capsule holder and capsule out.