We encourage you to replace parts rather than ordering a new product - it's much more energy efficient and less wasteful than buying a whole new product! We provide replacement components to prolong the useful life of our products for a maximum sustainable impact! Each WayCap pack comes with some spares gaskets, and replacement WayCap gaskets can be purchased via our website.

If your WayCap gaskets seem to be wearing out too quickly: The gasket is probably simply being positioned incorrectly. To position the gasket correctly, please watch the video below - correct placement should allow the gasket a much longer lifespan.

If cleaning your coffee pod in your dishwasher: Ensure you remove the gasket under the cap first.

If your gasket breaks within its first 30 days, we will replace it with proof of purchase. Please complete the following steps:

• Send a photo of the damaged gasket to info @ cremajoe.com.au so we can log it with our returns assessment team

• Include your order number and date of purchase

• Provide preferred delivery address details

• Please also retain the other parts of your WayCap, as we only replace damaged components

Please note: 
If you purchased your capsule more than 30 days ago, replacement gaskets are available here.

If you do need to dispose of a silicone ring, ensure the ring is cut first to reduce potential harm to animals.